French Bubbles and Cheeses



When: Thursday, April 20

Limited seating: 8 people max

Time: 12-2:30pm


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French Bubbles and Cheeses

YES !!! Champagne and cheese is a CLASSIC but nonetheless MAGIC combination for lovers of artisanal and unique French products. On one side, fine quality, limited production grower champagnes with personality and heritage. On the other side : artisanal cheeses from soft creamy to the beautiful hard cheeses aged in the mountains.

This tasting includes a visit at the local cheese store, 3 champagnes and 5 cheeses. Then, Geraldine will welcome you at her apartment in the 16th arrondissement. After exploring the art of making champagne and the different styles of champagne, you will sample a Brut, an Extra Brut and a vintage champagne and pair them with various creamy and hard cheeses. Enjoy this fantastic experience of the senses!

What you will learn during the tasting

Professional but not intimidating, Géraldine’s classes promise a better understanding of the world of wine

Wine Tasting techniques: how to taste wine properly- the 3 “s” rule: See, Smell, Sip. The useful vocabulary to describe wines
The characteristics of the wines from Merlot grape,  the characteristics of the grape, the soil and the climate
Read a Burgundy  label and understand the concepts of Terroirs
Appreciate the quality of the wine: Balance, complexity and length

…. and, of course, the most important: share quality wine tasting experiences in an enjoyable, educational, yet social setting!


Geraldine, WSET and Certified Wine Specialist, organizes Wine Tasting classes in the confort of her Parisian apartment in the heart of the 16th. Métro: Ranelagh.


Price includes

5 to 6 high quality wines
Dinner with “entrée, plat, dessert”


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