Tour de France of Wines



Friday, September 9

From 8:00pm to 10:30pm
8 pers max + Wine expert

5 wines + dinner

Métro : Ranelagh
(Details will be sent upon reservation)



Tour de France of Wines!


In a typical French apartment, Geraldine, our wine expert,  will take you on a road trip straight into the heart of French wine country. You will taste 5 different wines from 5 different wine regions in France.  From Champagne to Bordeaux, from the Loire to the Rhône Valley… just sit back and enjoy the Tour de France of Wine.  Geraldine style! with a unique and refreshing approach, Geraldine will take you through a variety of themes to build up tour wine knowledge.

  • Meet at Geraldine’s place, in the heart of the 16th. This a unique opportunity to discover French wines in a typical Parisian apartment (métro: Ranelagh, line 9)
  • Enjoy a champagne aperitif in the living room with French fingerfood, like “gougères”
  • Then,  take a seat at the dining table where you will be introduced to the diversity of French wines and the art of wine tasting,
  • Learn how to taste wines properly- the 3 “s” rule: See, Smell, Sip”
  • De-mystify confusing wine labels: how to read a French wine label and understand the concept of terroir
  • The tasting is very interactive with games such as blind tasting and recognition of aromas. Geraldine’s wine tasting is a great opportunity to learn the basics of French wines and experience the French way of living.  She is passionate about wines and also a great host.



The tasting in details:

  • 6 wines + Dinner
  • The tasting will take place in a private typical French apartment in the heart of the 16th arrondissement (métro: Ranelagh) and will finish at 10pm
  • Learn how to taste wines properly- the 3 “s” rule: See, Smell, Sip” and the useful vocabulary to describe wine
  • Learn how to read a Spanish  wine label and understand the concept of terroir
  • Appreciate the quality of the wine: Balance, complexity and length
  • Have fun and learn at the same time! we love playing games during the tasting : recognition of aromas in black glasses, blind tasting  and many other team games
  • 8 pers max + wine expert
  • Full-time wine expert: Geraldine

Géraldine has the WSET 3 and a degree of oenology from the University Jules Guyot in Burgundy

She was born in Champagne in a family of wine growers. Back in Paris in 2012, she started Wine Domini after 10 years in New York

She organizes informal, interactive, yet educational, wine classes in English in a typical French apartment  in the heart of the 16th arrondissement.