Wines from Languedoc


Friday, April 12

8 to 11pm
Place: Paris 16

6 wines
Homemade Dinner





What is Languedoc Roussillon famous for? Beautiful French-Roman villages, caving, epic driving roads, the Pyrenees… but for its wines too. The area is France’s largest wine producing region.

During the 1970’s the Languedoc Roussillon was guilty of overproducing cheap jug wine but this time is over. For wine enthusiasts on a budget, Languedoc-Roussillon is now known as a best value wine region. It has slowly been recovering its status as a quality producer by reducing yields.

What kind of wines will you find in Languedoc ? Fantastic value-driven sparkling wines made in the same style as Champagne, Unoaked zesty white wines, Fruity and juicy red wines, tasty rosés and, last but not least, Rich full-bodied red wines with Syrah, Grenache and Mouvedre

Join us for another evening of discoveries. 6 wines will be tasted along with a homemade dinner.

What you will learn during the tasting

Professional but not intimidating, Géraldine’s classes promise a better understanding of the world of champagne

Wine Tasting techniques: how to taste champagne properly- the 3 “s” rule: See, Smell, Sip. Learn useful vocabulary when describing champagne
The characteristics of Languedoc:   the grapes, the soils and the climate
Understand the differences: between Brut, Blancs de Blanc, Rosé, Vintage, Cuvée…
Appreciate the quality of the champagne: Balance, complexity and length

…. and, of course, the most important: share quality wine tasting experiences in an enjoyable, educational, yet social setting!


The Champagne tasting locations:

  • In the confort of Geraldine’s Parisian apartment in the heart of the 16th. Métro: Ranelagh (line 9)
  • Or, at a Champagne bar, located in the 6th arrondissement.  The bar is nestled in a beautiful vaulted cellar from the 17th century
    (50€ extra)
Price includes
  • 4 different champagnes
  • Small bites and a selection of artisanal cheeses


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