Organic Wines



Friday, April 5

10 pers max

4/5 wines + dinner

Métro : Ranelagh
(Details will be sent upon reservation)




Organic wines, Biodynamics and Natural Wines: what’s the difference?


In the last 5 years a silent revolution has taken place in France. Thousands and thousands of wine growers have switched to sustainable practices.
Organic, biodynamic wines or « Nature » wines are literally flushing the market.
But how do you know what you’re buying? You might be confused by the way some of the wines are labeled. Are these terms vary in the way they’re defined and regulated ?
Are those wines best for you and the environment ?
And, last but not least, is there any difference in taste ?
The only way to know is to taste side by side those wines in the same appellation and compare them. Are you ready to drink differently???


The tasting in details:

  • 4/5  wines + Dinner
  • The tasting will last 2h1/2 in a private typical French apartment in the heart of the 16th arrondissement (métro: Ranelagh)
  • Learn how to taste wines properly- the 3 “s” rule: See, Smell, Sip”
  • The useful vocabulary to describe wine
  • De-mystifying confusing wine labels: how to read a French wine label and understand the concept of terroir
  • Appreciate the quality of the wine: Balance, complexity and length
  • Have fun and learn at the same time! we love playing games during the tasting : recognition of aromas in black glasses, blind tasting  and many other team games
  • 10 pers max + wine expert
  • Full-time wine expert: Geraldine

Géraldine has the WSET 3 and a degree of oenology from the University Jules Guyot in Burgundy

She was born in Champagne in a family of wine growers. Back in Paris in 2012, she started Wine Domini after 10 years in New York

She organizes informal, interactive, yet educational, wine classes in English in a typical French apartment  in the heart of the 16th arrondissement.