Undiscovered French wine regions


Saturday, October 31
8 to 11pm
Place: Paris 16 (Métro: Ranelagh, line 9)

5 wines
Homemade Dinner




5 Great French Wines You’ve Never Heard Of

The majority of wine consumers are familiar with at least one or two wines from France, but that’s about as far as it goes. And in all likelihood, those wines have names like Bordeaux and Burgundy.

France is world-famous for its wine, and yet there are still some wine-growing regions that are relatively undiscovered. What are the most underrated wine regions in France that you should take a look at?

Jura, the smallest wine region, close to the Swiss border with excellent Pinot Noir and Chardonnay, the Southwest of France with the beautiful Malbec from Cahors and the robust Tannat from Madiran, the beautiful Syrah from the Terrasses du Larzac and so on.

Join us for an evening full of wine discoveries around a homemade dinner

Geraldine  organizes  informal wine classes, always served with a homemade dinner at her place, in the heart of the 16th arrondissement. The classes are limited to 12 people to be able to create a warm and friendly atmosphere.

What you will learn during the tasting

Professional but not intimidating, Géraldine’s classes promise a better understanding of the world of champagne

Wine Tasting techniques: how to taste champagne properly- the 3 “s” rule: See, Smell, Sip. Learn useful vocabulary when describing champagne
The characteristics of Beaujolais:   the grapes, the soils and the climate
Appreciate the quality of the wine: Balance, complexity and length

…. and, of course, the most important: share quality wine tasting experiences in an enjoyable, educational, yet social setting!


In the confort of Geraldine’s Parisian apartment in the heart of the 16th. Métro: Ranelagh (line 9)


Price includes:
  • 6 wines
  • Homemade Dinner

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